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With cutting-edge technology, experience and trendy design, we have provided professional web design and e-shop services to over 1000 companies using WordPress and WooCommerce development solutions.


Web Design

Using WordPress to create company websites, landing pages, blog sites, event sites, and more will provide an intuitive, practical, and positive brand experience for your visitors and meet your specific business needs.


E-Commerce Platform Development

Work with the professional team at GeeWp to create an online shop through WooCommerce, with the full functionality of e-commerce and a greatly enhanced user experience This will make your wishes easier to achieve.


Years of experience in WordPress development

A Professional team to provide technical services

Make your website the brightest card in your company and start building a different kind of website now!

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One-stop solution for foreign trade

We use the latest technology to create the most creative and innovative WordPress websites for our clients.

Multi-lingual website

With more than half of global searches coming from non-English keywords in smaller languages, GeeWp offers multilingual site building support, with individual SEO optimisation for each language, covering 95% of the world.

Premium Customised Website

We have a brand positioning plan for our customers, industry characteristics, customer needs for advanced customization, and unlike most website builders, we refuse to "use a template to build a website" each website is carefully designed.

SEO-friendly websites

We have many years of experience in SEO and we design websites with SEO optimization in mind to make them more compatible with search engine rules.

Online Shop Website

As a professional web design company, we can boldly say that we will not stop until we have designed something to your satisfaction. We will make sure that your website is designed to your satisfaction.

Corporate SOHO website

The purpose of branding, regardless of the size of your company or industry, is that your business needs a visual identity that embodies your business image and unique ethos so that your customers trust your company and trust your products.

Factory Enquiry Website

We will design your website according to your factory's products. Unlike online shops, we focus on customer consultation, and we create websites with a high conversion rate for you through our professional technology and innovative ideas.

Our Values

We are a trusted partner for your company, working with companies of all sizes

Awards and Recognition

We have served different brands and companies in the US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and are highly appreciated and trusted by our clients!

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We offer the best website solutions to grow your business

GeeWp is part of SoftwareYx, a UK based technical microsoft web design consultancy with a solid technical and design education background and extensive experience in the internet and foreign trade, we are committed to using cutting edge internet technology and trendy design to help companies develop a professional and unique brand image and stand out in the global conversation.

Our team has been working in the North American and European e-commerce markets for many years, and has built up a complete team from product development, online optimization to after-sales service, and cooperated deeply with excellent foreign trade enterprises.

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Let's take a look at our past projects

Foreign trade website building, cutting-edge design, rich experience, to create innovative, and creative website for you, to help you play the heart of the idea!

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Pet Supplies Shop

We have customised this website for the client and set up multi-language features for the client. The client mainly advertises on Google and according to the client's feedback, the website is particularly effective in advertising.

Bedding Online Shop

A professional bedding shop, the client asked us to design the website, we created the website according to the client's products and style, when handing over to the client, the client was very satisfied with the design of the website, the client trusted our professionalism and chose our hosting service.

Sports Shoes Online Shop

We helped the client to design all the pages, we designed the website to suit the style of the client's products according to the type of product, and we created a multilingual function for the client, responsive design and automatic adaptation to various devices. The client's social media presence has been very effective.

Car Parts Retail Shop

The client has been using this website for about 2 years and the feedback is very good and the conversion rate is very high.

Sushi Website

Tsuki is an offline Japanese sushi restaurant in the US. The client needed to increase sales through online customer acquisition, and we created this website for the client based on the style of the restaurant and taking into account the characteristics of the client's products.

Chinese Wedding Photography Website

R&K THEME is a Chinese wedding photography company in New York, USA, targeting the overseas Chinese client base.

Old Chinese Medicine Website

The website is tailored to the client's industry and incorporates some Taoist elements to make it look very professional.

Photography Studio

A US based studio specialising in personal and corporate videos, private portraits, microfilms, wedding scenes, showcasing the company's work through an online website, and marketing to clients through an online website, we have created this bespoke website for our clients.

Car Parts Enquiry Website

We are responsible for the design of the website. The customer feedback on this website is that the order rate is very high.

Electronic Components Enquiry Website

This is an exquisite 1:1 replica of the site, the client asked us to replicate the site according to the client gave us, so this site without design, for 1:1 restoration of another site, and add Skype integration.

Solar Panel Enquiry Website

This is a simple enquiry site, but the results are surprisingly good. The client says that he uses this site to advertise almost every day.

Aluminium material enquiry website

As the customer's product is a factory batch product and does not require online payment, we helped the customer to build an enquiry function by removing the traditional woocommerce function of adding a shopping cart and replacing it with an enquiry function.

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