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To protect the privacy of our clients, this website is not suitable for displaying their websites.


Style.We designed the site in a cool colour palette to suit the client's product.

Special requirements of clients.We recommend a customised dimensioning function for our customers

Design.In order to increase the sales rate of the website, we have designed the home page, about page, contact page, product page, product details page, shopping cart page, checkout page, thank you page, login page, registration page, each page is carefully crafted, we use the carefully crafted page to guide customers step by step until the transaction.

Effect.The website is designed as a responsive website, suitable for mobile, tablet and computer, with eye-catching hover effects in key locations.

Remarketing and subscriptions.In order to achieve the ultimate in remarketing, we have created an email subscription function to collect email lists in real time, so that we can send emails to our subscribed list customers for remarketing at a later stage, and we have also created enquiry forms to send to specific emails.

Languages.The client is selling in an English speaking country and we have used English to build the site as per the client's request

Payments.As the site is multi-country, we have connected our customers to Paypal and Stripe's Visa, Master, Apply Pay and Google Pay, as well as local electronic payment functions in many countries.

SEO & SEM.We built the website with SEO friendly coding (tag, title, description, keywords) and the client was paid through google and facebook to get customers, so we designed a google placement page and a facebook placement page

Additional function 1.Dimensioning function for the customer

Additional function 2.Real-time chat and social media features have been added.


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Simple Home Online Shop

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